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Dramatically reduce the time spent estimating construction projects and increase the detail & accuracy of estimates by using BuildStar construction estimating software.

Template Driven Estimating

With BuildStar’s template driven estimating & simple job scoping process, you will significantly reduce the time spent estimating while at the same time increasing the comprehensiveness and accuracy of construction estimates. Using BuildStar’s software you can build a complete estimate in a fraction of the time you previously spent, and time is money. In this one feature alone, BuildStar’s estimating software pays for itself.

Client Questionnaire

BuildStar’s estimating package automatically generates a Client Questionnaire based on the scoping process. The client responds to questions online. Save time and get the information needed.

Have Confidence in Your Estimate!

BuildStar’s estimating process helps make sure you don’t forget to include something in the construction estimate that will ultimately cause problems & cost money. With access to historical information, you will know that your construction estimate reflects what the actual cost are.

Higher Close Rate!

With BuildStar construction estimating software you will have a polished, professional presentation for your clients. Even before the sale you will be building client confidence & trust. With BuildStar’s client access, clients will be confident that they have the information they need to be comfortable with the project every step of the way.

No More Miscommunication!

BuildStar lets you fully document every specification and assumption used in building the estimate. The template approach makes this quick & simple. You and the client can both see exactly what is included in the estimate. This eliminates disagreements or misunderstandings.


Construction Bidding with BuildStar

Request, Track & Manage All of Your Projects Bids from Beginning to End

Quickly Send Bid Invitations

BuildStar allows you to quickly identify your target of qualified subs and suppliers, and automatically send them email bid invitations. They get the bid scope, specifications, and plans they need to prepare their bid. A link to BuildStar lets them review the bid information and quickly respond online, so that you have the information you need to complete your work.

Schedule Bid Reminders

You can schedule the bids you need with the reminders so that you get them when you need them. With bid reminders, alerts and a status sheet, you keep your bidding process on schedule. You can quickly see how many bids you have, from whom, and for how much.

Involve Your Clients

With BuildStar you can easily identify bid items that you want the client to be involved with. Then they have ownership in the decisions that are made.

Sub & Supplier Bid History

BuildStar gives you instant access to the history of bids for a sub or supplier. You can instantly view historical bid documents online.


Budget Management

Online budget reports are available anywhere, anytime with access to detailed expense information and documents.

Integrated Budget Management

BuildStar is an integrated solution which means that information is input and stored once but shared between all the necessary functions. BuildStar shares information with QuickBooks so you can always have a current view of budgets compared to actual costs. This integration of data also supports integration of procedures which will save you time and money.

Forecasting & Explanation

The budget to actual comparison process in BuildStar lets you identify what categories are complete, explain variances when necessary and forecast what a category will require to complete.

This means that the client will have an accurate picture of what has been spent, know what budget is remaining, and have a current projection on what it will take to complete the job. You grant the client access to review this information online on their own and at their convenience.

Find the Information You Need

BuildStar puts all of the available information at your fingertips. It is quick and easy to access documents, notes, and photos that explain why things are the way they are.


With BuildStar’s construction accounting software you only enter a transaction once. Information is shared between all the various BuildStar functions.


No More Double Input

Information is shared between all the various BuildStar functions. For QuickBooks software users, our construction software synchronizes both directions with QuickBooks. Thus, our accounting functions eliminate extra steps and save you time.

Payment Approval

BuildStar has a bill payment approval process that can require one or more approvals before a bill will get paid. The superintendent on the job can verify the work is complete and give a preliminary approval, then someone in the office can easily review payment history and give final approval.

Quick Access to Important Information

We make everything available online. All of the information needed is easy to search, filter or sort to find exactly what is wanted. Documents are attached to all of the transactions they relate to. Everything is available with just a couple of clicks, and you don’t have to be where your filing cabinets are.


Quickbooks Integration

Eliminate dual input with BuildStar’s robust QuickBooks integration. Sync both directions so you truly only enter transactions once.

Keeping it All in Sync

If you are using QuickBooks with any other software, one thing you definitely don’t want to do is spend your time reentering the same information twice. BuildStar has tools to integrate with QuickBooks eliminating any dual input and ensuring that the two are current and consistent.

With BuildStar and QuickBooks you can:

  • Synchronize QuickBooks Accounts and Items with BuildStar
  • Define the mapping of BuildStar Categories and Cost Items to QuickBooks Accounts
  • Synchronize Vendors and Employees
  • Synchronize Accounting Transactions for Purchase Orders, Receipts, Bills, and Payments


Complete your job on time. The dynamic timeline is automatically generated and easily modified online. It’s simple and everyone can have access.


Simple Construction Scheduling Software

BuildStar construction scheduling is simple and is automatically generated from the template during the scoping process. Changes in start and desired completion automatically adjust the overall schedule. It requires very little work on your part.

Online Schedule

The construction schedule is available online and can be accessed from any location. This keeps your project teams on task & on time – a huge benefit of using construction scheduling software.

No Need to Micro Manage

With BuildStar construction management software, the schedule you generate can be as detailed or simple as you want. The schedule can then easily be shared with others.

Schedule Reminders

With BuildStar Scheduling you can include reminders as part of the timeline. For example, a software-based reminder could be set to alert the clients of dates by which a decision on faucets or plumbing fixtures needs to be made.


Change Order Management

Document change requests, the cost of a change, and the impact on the schedule.  Clients approve change orders online.  Eliminates the amnesia factor.

Control & Document Change Orders

BuildStar lets you control and document change orders. The client can go online and submit a request for a change. The builder estimates the cost and then the client can approve the change order online in BuildStar before the work is done. The change order request form can also be printed for a physical signature. The approved change order is automatically reflected in the revised budget for the job.

Eliminate Change Order Disputes

With change order requests and approvals being recorded online, BuildStar eliminates forgetfulness and disputes over change orders become a thing of the past.

Change In Cost and Schedule

When a client approves a change order they not only approve the impact on the budget, but also approve any impact on the timeline and completion date. This information is automatically incorporated into a revised budget and revised schedule.


With BuildStar, your entire construction project is documented and all reports can be viewed online or printed.


Construction Reports

With BuildStar, your entire construction project is documented and all reports can be viewed online or printed. Comprehensive and professional construction reports make you look good and will give your team and clients easy access to all of the information they need. Each report can be exported to either Microsoft Word or Excel, for your convenience. Export it and print it or attach it to an email.


Team & Client Communication

Easily share plans, budgets, photos, documents and schedules with clients, subs & suppliers, and architects, as you choose. Keep everyone on the same page.

Assure Client Confidence & Trust

Easily share plans, budgets, photos, documents and schedules with clients, subs & suppliers, and architects, as you choose. Easily access comprehensive job information from anywhere. Download and print reports in seconds with MS Word or Excel.

With online photos and reports, your clients will have answers to questions day or night without interrupting you.

Information Anytime, Anywhere

With BuildStar, when the client has a question, they can get the answer they are looking for by themselves by accessing the information you have made available to them in BuildStar. You control how much information your clients have access to.

If they do need to communicate with you, they can quickly and easily use BuildStar to send you an email which you will be able to read and respond to at your convenience. Email communications are documented and become part of the permanent record for the job.

Document Management

Store, catalog and easily retrieve each photo and document for instant retrieval anywhere, anytime. Leave your plans and files at the office and never lose or misfile another document!


File Online With Ease

Documents stored in BuildStar can be grouped and categorized many different ways and related to several different transactions. With all of its search, sort, and filter capabilities, you can instantly have the documents you need at your fingertips.

Save Time & Be More Productive

BuildStar’s construction document management tools turn your documents into an asset you can use to improve your business and increase client confidence and trust. Any document or photo you need is now just a click away.

Instant Retrieval

With BuildStar’s document management you only handle a document once. From then on it is accessible online and is easy to find and never needs refiling.


Online Photos & Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Photos in an instant from anywhere are invaluable.

Any Photo Available Online

Online photos allows you to document job progress, change orders, etc. It is a wonderful way for your clients to see how the job is progressing.

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